We're on a mission to reclaim the way we eat.

By using produce that would otherwise go to waste, we believe our pints
have the power to change the planet. 
Why food waste matters 
In the United States, 40% of our food goes to waste. That's roughly 72 billion pounds of food that ends up in bins instead of on plates. 
When we waste food, we also waste the resources that go into producing it. Each year the food we toss makes a loss of 30 million acres of cropland (the size of Pennsylvania), 25% of consumed water, and 300 million barrels of oil.
Our food waste makes up 21% of landfill mass - taking up space and generating methane gas. Meanwhile, 41 million Americans don't have enough to eat.

Our values can be summed up simply:
waste less and give more.

Waste Less
We aim to offset food waste by utilizing produce that would otherwise be discarded because of cosmetic imperfections and supply surplus. We're also working to reduce waste at all stages in our production, like using recyclable packaging and turning our banana peels into a natural fertilizer.
Beyond our own efforts, we're committed to educating others about the issue of food waste. It's our aim to cultivate a community that shares our mission.
Give More
We want to give our customers a dessert option that tastes just as good as traditional dairy ice creams. We believe eating well should be an easy choice.

We're also in this to give back. That's why we donate a portion of proceeds from every pint to the leading, national hunger non-profit. Every pint purchased provides 1 meal to a family in need.


Bunch was born out of the idea that there should be a better way to eat.

At age 15, Jen landed her first job working in a kitchen with her family’s catering business. It was there that she first came face to face with the dramatic problem of food waste. From one job and kitchen to the next, the story was the same. As much food seemed to end up in the bins as it did on plates.
As she learned more about the staggering stats around food waste, Jen knew she wanted to do something about it. When she discovered that blending frozen bananas turned them into an ice cream like treat she knew she’d found her answer.
Despite being the #1 selling produce, bananas are one of the highest wasted foods. They are also nutrient powerhouses show to help you battle bloat, amp your energy, and lose weight (not bad for a non-dairy dessert!).
That's where the story of this Bunch began. Now, we're on a mission to change the way we eat -  one pint at a time.

Hi! I’m Jen!

I have a background in building brands but my first love has always been helping people feel great through what they eat. I have certifications in plant-based cooking from PlantLab Culinary and holistic health coaching from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.
My husband, tiny dog Tilly, and I live in sunny Los Angeles where you’re most likely to spot the three of us riding bikes, taking a hike, or strolling to our neighborhood farmers’ market.

Your support on this journey means everything. Thanks a bunch!